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Rent Invoice Template

It can also be used to bill for party space, equipment and other forms of rental. A rental invoice is a general invoice covering any situation where an owner of property, personal or real, rents said property to another individual (lessee, tenant, customer, etc.). This invoice should describe the type of property being rented, how long it will be rented for, and how much it will cost the individual to rent it for this period of time. A date will be written at the bottom of the invoice to inform the individual when they must make the payment. The list below covers more specific rental invoice types from cars to apartments to equipment. The key to creating a fantastic rental invoice is knowing what to put on the invoice.

  • This is usually included to write any relevant note such as terms, due payment date etc.
  • Please message me if you would like a different size of the printable to the one currently offered in the listing.
  • Include any messages you want to give your customer in the “Customer Message” box.
  • Each invoice is customizable, so you can adjust to include the monthly rental fee, plus any other fees .
  • Due to the nature of a short-term monthly lease, the tenant will not be staying for long.

If you’re ready to start sending invoices to your tenants for the rent due, make sure you have an invoice that looks great and contains all of the needed information. Our invoice generator or app will help you create a rental invoice you can use for all of your tenants. Take a look at our invoice generator or other templates today to learn more. Landlords and property owners can easily download rent statements of different tenants and lessees by downloading our rental invoice software. Also, get complete details of each Tennant and download the income statement to get an idea of the finances. If a tenant is late on their rent payment, the landlord can easily refer to the rental invoice to see how much the late fee will be. When billing your tenants, a rental invoice template can save you time and money.

What Should a Rental Invic Include?

The information on this template is just standard details you can see in an invoice. Feel free to add more or remove some that are not necessary. All these invoices are issued at a different time during the order or delivery of goods or services. Landlords and property agents can easily create and issue credit notes against invoices using our online invoicing software. Settle for any incorrect invoice transaction with your tenant or lessee by drafting a credit note. It helps make transaction settlement more easy and quick.

Rent Invoice Template

ESign Make your documents look professional and win the trust. You can send us a message using the button on the bottom right. Please be aware that our agents are not licensed attorneys and cannot address legal questions.

Are You Looking to Download Rent Invoice Format?

This is a free rental invoice template that helps you send clear, professional invoices to your tenants. The template is a 100% customizable and you can edit every aspect of it with a few simple clicks in MyDraw.

Invoice templates are good but, want to fasten up the invoicing process? Get your hands on the invoice software for free and watch your invoice transform. Once you’ve created the perfect invoice, you need an easy way to send it to your tenants. It’s possible for you to print the invoice and mail it to each tenant or deliver it to their door.

Rent Bill Template

Have customers fill in a form with their contact details, chosen products, and payment details to instantly generate professional PDF invoices. You can even accept online payments or collect e-signatures for added security. By automating your invoicing process with our Simple Invoice PDF Template, you’ll streamline your workflow and impress customers with your efficiency.

Tenants can set up free recurring Automated Clearing House payments—so they never miss a deadline. GuideInvoicing Guide Know anything and everything about invoices and invoicing process. This storage rental agreement can be used as a binding contract for the rental of a storage unit to an individual.


It’s not always easy to find the perfect rental invoice template for your real estate business. You need one that is both professional and customizable, so you can make sure all of your invoicing needs are met. With different formats available––whether a rent invoice template in Excel, a rent invoice template as a PDF or whatever works for you––you can find the perfect fit.

A rental invoice can provide a clear and concise record of rent payments. In addition, a rental invoice can be used to track late and missed rent payments.

Can I customize the rent invoice?

Simply select any of the invoice templates below to customize with our drag-and-drop PDF Editor. Upload your company’s logo, add your terms and conditions, change the given text, and rearrange the Rent Invoice Template template layout to your liking. Your custom invoice template will automatically generate PDF invoices for each form submission, making it easier to keep track of every purchase from your business.

  • Make your rental business a success by finding out more about what Wave can offer you.
  • This Free Consultant Invoice Template uses the Form Calculation widget that displays the subtotal, tax, and total amount of the services fee.
  • All these invoices are issued at a different time during the order or delivery of goods or services.
  • Our online invoicing software offers different rent invoice formats with customization to help you issue timely rental invoices.

The address of the property on which the rent is being demanded should also feature. In most cases, it is the same address written in the tenants details. If a tenant doesn’t pay on time, you may charge a late fee. Be sure to include this on the invoice, so they know what they’ll owe if they’re late. By having all pertinent information (such as move-in date, rent amount, etc.) listed on the invoice, landlords and tenants can avoid any disputes about the rent. The blank fields allow you to customize the invoice to each property and renter.